About us

In February 2024, the ADMIRAL BET team, part of the NOVOMATIC Romania Group, launches a new vision in the world of sports betting through the transition process from TIP & CASH to ADMIRAL BET. The rebranding decision represents a natural evolution of the company’s expertise and values, built on a solid foundation of over nine years of activity on the Romanian market. With a mature business that has demonstrated its success, the brand of sports betting agencies now becomes even more resonant: ADMIRAL BET enjoys the recognition that the ADMIRAL brand has consolidated on the Romanian gambling market for over three decades.

The new identity reflects passion for sports, commitment to customer betting experience and professionalism in partner relations. As part of the NOVOMATIC Group, ADMIRAL BET aimed to strengthen its position on the Romanian sports betting market, with innovations and complete solutions for all betting enthusiasts.

TIP & CASH, the sports betting brand within the NOVOMATIC Romania group, is the first operator in the sports betting market that, with its launch on the market in 2015, introduced the concept of self-service sports betting terminals for the first time in Romania.

Within the network of NOVOMATIC operations in Romania, over 680 sports betting terminals are operated under the brands ADMIRAL BET and TIP & CASH, which are present both in their own locations and in association with an extensive network of partners.

“You bet. We care.” is the motto that continues to be the basis of the brand’s identity and represents the commitment to offer customers a betting experience at the level of expectations and adapted according to their requirements.

The betting offer is varied and contains a wide range of sports. For each sport, simple and/or system bets can be selected, the complexity of these options being also available for live events. The classic variant of placing the betting ticket directly at the cashier is also available.


Responsible Gaming offers measures and efforts by gaming service providers to protect players from the potential
negative consequences of excessive gaming so that gaming may remain an entertaining social experience.